Each year, we see great teams who don’t make it to the playoffs while lesser teams somehow find a new approach that takes them farther than anyone expected. How does this happen? In a highly competitive environment, everyone is driven, fully equipped, has plenty of advice and opportunities to make adjustments. Spending more money, playing harder, and having the best and the brightest does not, by itself, create dominance on the field.

As celebrated golf teacher and coach Harvey Penick said, “I learn teaching from teachers. I learn golf from golfers. I learn winning from coaches.”

Being Solutions’ coaching, consulting, and training are grounded in an ontological approach, which focuses on your state of being and then integrates facilitative methods to improve technique and action. Any adjustment to your technique or action will only have a powerful effect if it is aligned and supported at your core.

Technique * Action * BEING = Results

Learn to be aware and objectively view your state of being.

What is your state of BEING right now?
Rushed? Distracted? Curious?

You will see how your current state affects everything you perceive, think, and do. Learn to shift your state of being and you will powerfully impact results. Awareness of being is vital to accessing your full potential.


Just as a golf coach checks your mindset and adjusts your swing, we align your state of being, structures and action to have you and your team perform like never before. To accomplish this, we build upon your innate attributes, help you mitigate barriers at a root level, and show you how to persist in states of being that deliver breakthrough results. At Being Solutions, we are living our mission: Empowering leaders to live into their potential.

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