Being Solutions’ founder Jak Plihal is an interim executive, consultant, and coach supporting mission-driven companies.  Through diligent personal growth, Plihal has access to what Buddhist practitioners have called “the quiet mind.” He listens deeply and creatively — then supports his clients in building the cultural and technical capacities that deliver accelerated strategic results. Jak has delivered without fail for over a decade in many sectors and industries including high-tech, consulting, healthcare, retail, non-profit, government, and financial services.

Jak has supported his clients to consistently set performance records in sales, management, marketing, collaboration, industrial-design, e-commerce, Internet infrastructure and business development. To extend the reach of his coaching practice, he delivers custom workshops, including “Core Driven Leadership” and forthcoming “Jedi Executive Way; Simplified.”

Decades of ontological practice is the key foundation to Plihal’s approach. He has been personally trained by the best coaches in the world and is a graduate of an International Coach Federation certified coaching program. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Maryland. Jak currently resides in Palm Harbor, Florida with his wife and three children.

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