Our clients produce tremendous results, and their willingness to share recognition here is a testament to their generosity and leadership.

Increasing Revenue by Launching a New Product

After two years of stagnant growth, we doubled revenue this year. Even if you think you can’t find the time to work with Being Solutions, do it. — Jason Erickson, CEO, WorldSync

Being Solutions helped decision makers at this data synchronization software firm to rethink their top priorities and condense the amount of time some were absorbing—crucial for the successful market rollout for a new product, FMDataGuard.

Making More Money, and Making a Difference

Tripled my income, and having fun closing sales! If renewable energy companies hire Being Solutions, we’ll speed the switch to clean power. — Katrina Veerman, Director, Clean Source Power

This solar photovoltaic sales executive greatly elevated her income while working with Being Solutions and has found an inspired perspective and refreshed trajectory in life.

Improving Sales Team Results

Jak’s coaching is changing our mindset on how we manage sales and service through personal commitment and collective accountability. — Chris Casement, Sr. Performance Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

Being Solutions supported internal consultants to develop a collaborative web platform that helped managers to increase accountability and improve results.

Expanding Leadership

Jak is a rare find. My work with Being Solutions is advancing my leadership in the best ways — those which bring fresh and actionable self-awareness. Working with him is such a good investment that I have encouraged other staff here at CEH to work with him. — Michael Green, Founder and Executive Director, Center for Environmental Health

Total Transformation

Results happen much faster than I imagined possible … I completely shed my stress. And I now know there is nothing I can’t accomplish. — Neil Pearlstein, Managing Director, Entisys Solutions

This client quit smoking, started exercising, lost weight, transformed his relationships with family, and even found love again after many years of divorced life. With those changes under his belt—and a low-stress perspective—the vision he’s had for his career has been unfolding.

Taking a Rookie Salesman to the Top

I was new to sales, and quickly outperforming the most experienced sales reps. — K.S., high-tech sales executive

By empowering his work and life perspective, Being Solutions ignited this brand-new salesman to invent new processes in a team-selling environment and become a top producer and renowned team asset. In addition to climbing to number two out of 50 salespeople.

Entrepreneur Regains Freedom

More traction in sales gives me the freedom to take time out when I want to. — Cynthia Farren, President, Farren Consulting

After working with Being Solutions, this Palo Alto-based consultant is driving more results in less time—working 12 to 16 fewer hours per week—and reinvigorated her passion for being in business for herself.

Reigniting the Fire

Being Solutions is an integral part of my business structure. — Xavier Dubois, CEO, Kenwood Solutions

This entrepreneur was at a point where he didn’t know if he even wanted to continue his business. Being Solutions helped him to uncover perspectives and relationship challenges that were dampening his view, and served as the spark that reignited his inner fire: The enjoyment of growing a business and making clients happy.

Aligning Sales, Marketing and Engineering

[Being Solutions’ founder] Jak was made for this job. I’d encourage any marketing professional to try him out. — Ken Oestreich, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Citrix

Being Solutions helped this Silicon Valley executive move beyond communication challenges and effectively partner with his peers to target and close on energy efficiency-related market opportunities.

Reinventing a Career

If you want to have a life that is focused on the people, places and organizations
you have a passion for, you’d be well served to work with Being Solutions. — Lisa Graham, Government Performance Expert and Globetrotting Freelance Writer

After graduating from Harvard Kennedy School and the Landmark Forum, this client came out fully committed to transforming the performance of San Francisco’s government. When a job that matched the goal failed to materialize, Being Solutions helped her launch a new career as an independent government performance expert and freelance writer.

Getting Published

My experience with Being Solutions was fantastic. A clear way to superior performance. — Mike Robbins, Speaker, Coach and Author of Focus on the Good Stuff

Being Solutions’ group coaching was a key support to getting this client’s final draft over the finish line. Focus on the good stuff: The power of appreciation” is now a best seller.

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